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and tell them to co-sponsor HR1435 American Right 2 Family Act


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Hi my name is ______ and I live at (insert your home address). I am calling today to urge the representative to co-sponsor HR1435 American Right 2 Family Act. This bill will legalize 12 million essential workers and bring home 2 million deportees. We need this bill because it will protect the most people from the suffering of deportation. I won’t settle for a bill that only protects some of us. I want HR1435 because it will protect ALL of us. Can I count on my representative to co-sponsor HR1435 American Right 2 Family Act?


Sustaining Membership

Becoming a sustaining member is the best way to support our campaign. Your donations will be made to our local LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) Council 5294 501c4. Our council works locally and nationally to lobby our elected officials to pass resolutions calling on Congress support HR8585. 
Your donations will help us with travel and lodging expenses so our mixed status families can give their testimonies and speak with the elected officials directly. They also will be used on promotional and educational materials for our campaign.

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The Campaign

The Right 2 Family Campaign works with other grassroots organizations to call on Congress to introduce the R2F bill.
Local resolutions have passed at the Chicago City Council, Cook County Board of Commissioners, State of Illinois Legislature, and the city councils of Milwaukee, Houston, San Francisco & Washington DC. LULAC National General Assembly and it's national board have also adopted our resolution.
In May 2019 a delegation of mixed status families met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in Washington DC hosted by our Congressman from Chicago, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia. 
This summer we will be organizing voter registration drives in our Latino neighborhoods. Each year, 1 million Latino youth turn 18 - that is a voting block that can decide elections! We will organize our votes this summer and deliver them in the fall but only if the Democratic Party makes our Right 2 Family a central point in their national platform!


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